The Depths Below is a text based dungeon diving game, where the player customizes their character in order to defeat all of the monsters lurking within. Dozens of unique monsters, items, and skills give the player many options in which to emerge victorious with the highest score.

An Android APK is available below as well!

Unique Dungeons

Each game randomizes the monster sets that the player encounters in the dungeon, allowing for a new experience every play through.

Strategic Character Creation

Players must customize their character and play accordingly in response to the different types of monsters in the dungeon.

Special Scoring System

Scoring is based off of trophies earned from fighting certain monsters, as well as player gold and time remaining. Managing all of these effectively will allow the player to get the highest score!

Still In Development

I'm still actively working on this game, so expect frequent patches that introduce new items, monsters, and skills! Also feel free to leave a message below if you like the game, or have any comments in general! :)


The Depths Below v2.5.apk 26 MB

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This was great! Very well thought out and heaps of variation. Looking forward to seeing more!

Glad you enjoyed it! I see you were sent down the trophy route this time, what build did you try?

I went full on wizard build. Things got really tough by the third tier of enemies and I couldn't scale quick enough

Ah, wizard build is tough against beasts as they have higher magic defence. There's a lot of hidden information in the game that I was hoping the player could have fun figuring out, but maybe it would be better if I put it in a wiki or something ?

games like Pillars of Eternity use a bestiary that you "learn" through fighting an enemy type. Maybe that could work?

That's a good idea, I would also need it to carry over between games though

This is great! Super classic vibe

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Thank you for your kind words!